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  • I will presenting part of my project at the 12/3 IT conference at John Jay. I will be presenting the results of the lecture-capture part of my project in terms of measures of student performance on lecture exams and what they think of the experience via questionnaires. My project is not an official hybrid class, but it is tending to evolve in that direction by student choice. Long story short: although my in-class attendance has dropped, student performance has remained comparable to Fall 2009.

  • Currently at John Jay, I am conducting one half of the project and Adam Wandt is conducting the other half. For my contribution, we have been using two books donated by Cengage Learning and piloting a device called the Entourage Edge. Adam is also using this device in his PAD class. My class is Introduction to Drawing.
    There have been some technological hick-ups, unfortunately, which have hindered the progress of the project to a degree. Adjustments have been made, however, and the use of electronic courseware is proceeding and working well.
    There will be a presentation by us at the GC IT Conference on 12/14 to cover the project in detail.

  • Here are some data about my project. I will have more shortly. I am teaching the second semester of Introductory Biology for Science majors. I am testing a total digital environment which includes a lecture capture system, online study tools in addition to an interactive ebook. Everyone in the course was required to buy the bundle. My next posting will have the data.

  • Hi all!
    I’d like to share some data with you, but I’m still learning how to work this system.

    My project is a total digital learning environment, with an ebook, online study tools and lecture capture for introductory biology. The lecture capture part can be used with any book or publisher.
    Jane Gallagher, Biology, CCNY

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